List of products by manufacturer Renzo Del Ventisette

The company, which takes its name from its founder, an important entrepreneur fiorentino, nel1948 was born in Milan, in the historical site of Corso Monforte.

That of Renzo Del Ventisette is one activity that originates in conducting
family, mainly characterized by a style that in craft
' 60 led her to be among the leaders in the field of classical lighting.
Today the RENZO DEL VENTISETIE is a State-of-the-art industrial reality
led by five brothers Of twenty-seven.
The long experience in the luxury sector has allowed the brothers to create
unique items for their value, illuminating spaces and showcases in major
streets of the city centre and several collaborations with the most
important Italian architects.
The style is classic and elegant mainly characterized by finishes
high-quality wrought iron, bronze and brass.
In recent years the company has been dedicated to the design, testing
new and provocative solutions, maintaining that impression
contemporary classic that has always characterized its
Always been a prerogative of the brothers is to contribute through the
creating exceptional not only lamps to illuminate, but to furnish
with light, welcoming, make you fall in love, according to principles of quality
and that are the basis of all creation. This perfect
connection between tradition and innovation has allowed us to experiment
creations with new materials and special shapes not neglecting
absolutely quality craftsmanship.

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  • Attractive wall element from soft and sinuous design: Svarovsky elements draw here a small moon bright and versatile adapts to different contexts, with poetic suggestions going on the wall of a pace almost musical.

  • Pendant chandelier with Swarovski elements the plot draws around lights a light wave in soft transparency that creates glare and light variations in the environment.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items