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Atelier is where Mobilac meets and satisfies the requests of customization by the customer, where the wardrobe Mobilac becomes a unique piece "for manual finishing and artistic decoration.

Exclusivity and the preciousness of the cabinets Mobilac comes from the expertise of master Decorators that are each decorated entirely by hand.

Mobilac is also unique in the personalisation: you can decorate to your taste strips and wires of ante, creating the perfect wardrobe than the environment in which it is inserted.

Exclusive customizations: wardrobe decorated with the initials of his name, hand-decorated cupboard by copying a picture posted in the company closet decorated like copying designs of the tapestry room where you want to insert.

Mobilac has created a range of 128 colors to decorate the cupboards and interpret the space to live according to their own taste and creativity.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items