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Avananti furniture works by more than 140 years in the field of Italian furnishings and produces classic furniture for the contract market.

This fantastic story takes us away: you had just made the unification of Italy, spoke the vernacular, was written in Latin and the craftsmen were countless products. Each product was created and each workshop a workshop where refine techniques and train new staff. It's in one of those shops that began our fantastic history and that of our family strongly linked among them. Francesco Avenanti, master craftsman, started producing furniture and we don't know if it was his father or another master to teach this art, we know only that it was 1870. The workshop was lit by a Dim candle and you exploited especially daylight to work. Were mobile products of everyday use, but also some beautiful object which was to furnish the houses of some local Squire, curie and sometimes even churches. The techniques were refined and the attention to detail was excellent preparation. Was his son Pompeo, likeable and creatively, to continue his father's work with the same techniques and exceptional skill. It was thus also to his sons Francesco and Pompeo, Emilio. The workshop came the electricity while Francis was teaching the craft to his young sons Eolo my father and my uncle James. This important event spurred the two brothers to create something new and soon invented a machine. The made in wood with metalTools, and although it may seem unusual today was just a wooden machine to introduce the technology in Avenanti.La machine shop alone could achieve five extraordinary event processing for the period. These are the stories I felt telling me the evening before going to sleep. Today I live my story and although in recent years things have changed quickly from a technological point of view, the Avenanti philosophy has remained the same. Produce wooden furniture, respecting the tradition and culture of Cabinet making that in 140 years of history have characterized the work of our family.

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