Who I am

Lucia. è a brand created by the interior decorator Lucia Barone in 2000, with the inauguration of its first showroom to Gallarate.

Lights on is based on a philosophy that forms the basis of the principle of the mobile design classic, only 100% made in Italy, but did not disdain to include in its proposal that combine design elements also wood materials such as steel, glass, crystals and various fabrics.
Lights at the interior design in 360 degrees focusing on classic furniture but not leaving, as quite often happens, the achievement of a general idea of harmony that must be reached by a perfect balance of lights, colours, and materials.
A light thanks to decades of relationship with its partners pu ò offer a wide range of various products, from kitchen to bedroom, offering at the same time from simple consulting to service design and final design.

General information

Barone Lucia was born and raised in the province of Varese, where he attended several courses in art and architecture. Just 20 years began working for Europcar, where he holds the position of Area Manager was responsible for the opening of the new offices of Malpensa, Venice, Rome and London.
After 10 years, returnedthe antique furniture and artistic passion of architecture opening its first shop in Busto Arsizio. After a few years, his company à "Ca d'Oro" in great expansion, is enriched with other 3 outlets in the territory  .

In 2002, as previously mentioned, you throw in new challenge. in looking for a more contemporary and innovative ù.
Thanks to the foresight, creativity and taste distinctly à Italian è this brand continues to grow, and with the help of a partnership of excellent and reliable companies are bypassing national boundaries to reach markets, such as Russian or Japanese, where Italian excellence è still appreciated and much sought after.