Illuminare correttamente la casa richiede un'attività preventiva di studio, attraverso cui si valutano diversi fattori, che interagendo tra loro possono dare vita a tipologie di illuminazione completamente differenti.
How to choose the chair? The living room is one of those areas of the house, traditionally dedicated to relaxation. The daily hectic pace require us to optimize the time but once back in their own home, we can not help but give us a moment of pause in the chair. The convenience of quest'arredo is clearly important but also the aesthetics should be chosen with care, to make the environment pleasant and welcoming.
Each house is a never ending story: a story of people who identify themselves in the house, make it your own creation, his own creation. Furnishing a home is how to tell their story, made of projects, choices, tastes, solutions, to discover every time something new.